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Titanium for Sale

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Solution Materials offers Titanium for sale. We have a wide range of foils thicknesses offered as well a high and low grade purity. Solution Materials Titanium metal for sale also includes sheets, rods and ingot. The Titanium for sale can be found on the online store or through the bulk items page for higher quanitity quote requests.

We are able to offer Titanium for sale through normal shipping conditions for non-powder form Titanium. Titanium Powder UN 2546 is a Class 4.2 and would be shipped per DOT shipping rules.

The Titanium Metal for sale at Solution Materials has a broad scale of uses throughout research, industries and practical everyday uses. Titanium foils are used in research experiments and have been used to create many inventions and patents. In nano-science, porous single-crystalline hematite that may replace natural enzymes have been created with the help of a Titanium foil backing. Titanium products like Titanium Foil have a high tensile strength but are very lightweight compared to the ratio of other similar metals. The lightweight strength has developed into aerospace applications like airplane framing, engine stators and fittings. Titanium also has the upside of being the most suitable metal for biocompatibility. It is commonly used in prosthetics because it will adhere to bind to human bones and act as a substitute for many of the bones in our body.

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