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Shipping Details

We at Solution Materials, LLC are very concerned about your safety, at all costs.  All of our items are shipped according to DOT HAZMAT, IATA, and USPS rules.  Many of our competitors are using methods of shipping which are illegal and dangerous, all in the name of making more profit for themselves.  We refuse to put our shippers and clients at risk!

Gallium is a corrosive and cannot be shipped by USPS (even under small quantity rules).  It must be shipped in accordance with 49 CFR rules for corrosives, Class 8.  This requires UN4G shipping materials.  Solution Materials, LLC uses high quality leakproof bottles, metal cans, and UN4G box systems to ship Gallium (Packing Group III) unless the quantities of the inner containers are 30g or less.  We pay the $25.00 HAZMAT charge for ground shipping on all applicable metals, not you.  Some HAZMAT items show only $9.95 shipping but we actually pay much more to ship those.  That cost is built into the price. 

All orders (for all our products) over $100 have free shipping (unless they are paid on account - certain institutions qualify).  We charge only $9.95 for shipping of all other items with the exception of Magnesium ribbon and shavings which are shipped under DOT "Limited Quantity" rules. 

Metals in division 4.3 are highly reactive with water and are classified as "Dangerous When Wet."  Potassium metal is placed in anhydrous paraffin oil (oxygen free environment to keep the metal free from moisture and oxidation) and it is shipped according to 49 CFR 173.13 rules which require leakproof bottles, absorbents, and metals cans as well as double barrier bags and double boxing.  The outer packaging has to comply with UN4G/X levels of protection as Potassium is in Packing Group I. Our Sodium metal is sealed in foil packets and is shipped using the above rules with a variation allowed on solids because the metal is dry.  The dry foil sealed packets allow for a very high level of purity that some may be seeking for their experimentation and use. 

Magnesium ingot (and all other solid forms of Magnesium) is not a HAZMAT item and is not restricted for mailing in USPS Publication 52 or by the DOT. 

Don't put yourself and others at risk by purchasing items from companies that don't follow the rules!