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International Shipping

Note:  The following items can now be shipped internationally from our overseas factory location for a small shipping charge rather than very high dangerous goods charges from the USA:  Mercury, GaInSn, Gallium, Strontium.  Please read below for explanations and/or contact us at and we will set up a link for you to check out and we will put your country on the "ship to" list.

Shipping Gallium Internationally (outside of the domestic USA):

Gallium is UN2803, Class 8, Corrosive, Packing Group III.  It is "dangerous goods" because it corrodes aluminum (airplanes, aluminum etc.).  Shipping Gallium from the USA is very expensive, even small quantities.  The charge is usually around $190-$240 for shipping alone. Please read on. . . .. ..

However, we have another solution.  We can ship this to you directly from our international factory location.  This makes it possible for us to ship the material to you for $50 ($47 for Canada/Hawaii/Alaska).  Just go to the Solution Materials Online Store and use the regular Gallium Metal category.  You will see an option to select international shipping. 

Shipping other hazardous materials internationally:

Shipping hazardous materials (dangerous goods) internationally is easy.  We are certified and have IATA training in this area.  Just as with domestic shipping, we are required to follow all rules and regulations to keep our clients, shipping companies, and the general public safe.  Violations of these laws are not only dangerous, your country's customs department is most likely to seize packages that are shipped illegally.  You may think you are saving money by ordering from companies that violate these laws but in the end, you may lose big by not even getting your materials.  One good thing about shipping legally is that you will receive the items very quickly.  We find that FedEx has the best rates and all hazardous materials shipments go by "International Priority Service."  We insure all shipments against loss.  Typical delivery times are 3-5 business days.  We pass on our actual cost of shipping to our clients.  We do not profit from shipping rates. 

We will procure a quote for your specific city if you send us an email including your city and postal  Typical international rates for dangerous goods materials OTHER than Gallium (which is a Class 8 corrosive) are $150-$275 per package.  See above for information on Gallium shipping.  It is for this reason that it is best to purchase enough material to lower the overall cost of shipping.  We may be able to lower the cost of the materials to help compensate for the international shipping rates.  Some materials can be shipped in the same box.  Get in touch with us with a complete address (including postal code) and a detailed description of your intention for ordering and we will do everything we can to accommodate you. 

Note on shipping Magnesium ingot, Indium ingot, and Beryllium ingot (also foils):  These items are not HAZMAT items and can be shipped by USPS International First Class Parcel mail for a shipping charge of $10.00 to $43.00 (depends on the quantity) for most countries.  Contact us when ordering these materials so that we can prepare a special price for you.  We handle grams to metric tons of all of our materials.