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Gallium for Sale

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Gallium is a liquid metal at temperatures 85.57 °F and above. Solution Materials offers Gallium for sale as well as Gallium Indium Tin, which we are not allowed to call the pronoun Galinstan because of a trademark from an overcharging competitor. To buy the Gallium for sale by Solution Materials follow this link to our online store. For higher volumes and price breaks please send a request for quote via our Bulk Items Quote page. Solution Materials has Gallium for sale for all industries, experimenters, and universities. We are a proud supplier of many energy fusion, space exploration and government agencies.

The Gallium for sale through Solution Materials is shipped per DOT standards as a Class 8 Corrosive material (Corrosive to metal, NOT necessarily corrosive to human skin).  Gallium will adhere to metal and glass making it messy to handle. We recommend that the Gallium for sale through Solution Materials be handled via plastic polyethylene instruments.