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About Us

Solution Materials is a group of material science professionals who seek to share their experience and make available for sale high purity metals, ceramics, water reactive materials and specialty liquid metals. We have made it easy for our customers to acquire these high quality materials at a low cost. With 10+ years experience in the specialty metal market industry Solution Materials, LLC was formed when a liquid metal trader and a high-tech industrial manufacturer joined forces and synergized with a common goal. That purpose is to become a valued vendor of high purity specialty metals in many forms including (but not limited to): ingot, wire, rod, foil, and liquid metal forms. Our concept is to help everyone from individuals, research labs, schools and universities. We help large companies cut manufacturing costs with low cost bulk orders, supply metals to help universities meet their research goals on time, and send individuals the missing piece to their in-home experimentation. We are working toward ISO 9001 compliance and take our quality and shipping standards very seriously.


Solution Materials, LLC