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Mercury for Sale

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Solution Materials provides high purity liquid Mercury for sale. Mercury was historically used in Thermometers, Barometers, manometers, and other similar instruments. Solution Materials provides Mercury for sale for many industries and applications. Although many of these applications have been substituted by another product sold by Solution Materials, Gallium Indium Tin (known as Galinstan); Mercury still has use in higher temperature thermometers, Mercury switches, fluorescent lamps, and other applications. Gallium Indium Tin is much more expensive than Mercury for sale. Mercury for sale through Solution Materials can be found on the online store. For bulk orders please request a bulk order quote and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Mercury metal compounds have historically been used in medical application. These medical applications using Mercury for sale are much less common today. 

The Mercury for sale by Solution Materials is shipped by DOT standards. Shipping procedures and prices differ based on the volume shipped. MSDS is provided with each shipment. Price breaks are possible for any higher volume Mercury for sale please contact us via email or phone (800) 201- 3814.